Letters to Govt.

13th May 2019President of India
Prime Minister of India
Health MInister
Minister of Labour Welfare
National Human Right Commission
NITI Aayog
SC ST Commission of India
Increasing incidences of death of innocent sweepers in the sewerage tank due to out burst of poisonous gas while doing cleaning work & negligence of Govt.
03rd April 2019President of India
Prime Minister of India
Minister of Defence
Chief Election Commissioner of India
Army Chief
Restrictions over the word ‘SENA’ (Army) to any political party or any organisation in India.
30th June 2018President of India
Prime Minister of India
Minister of Defence
Home Minister
Army Chief
Treat War against Nation, throwing Stone & mass attack on Soldiers in J&K & hosting Pakistani flag in India & other part of country.
15th April 2017President of India
Prime Minister of India
Chief Minister of Maharashtra
Chair Person of NITI Aayog
Suggestions about NGO’s to contribute their efforts in implementation of Govt. Policies, Schemes and Govt. may apply this to NGO’s as mandatory.
18th July 2016Prime Minister Of IndiaSpecial economic zone become special agricultural zone
30th May 2016Minister for Environment
Chief Minister of Maharashtra
Commissioner (BMC)
Commissioner Navi Mumbai
Critical problem of dog bite and increasing cases of death by Rabies; Innovative idea is introduced by our NGO as a remedy on this.
12th November 2015Prime Minister of India
Governor of Maharashtra
Election Commission of India
State Election Commission of Maharashtra
Protect our democratic / fundamental rights.
27th September 2015The Prime Minister of India
Union Minister of India
Chief Minister of Maharashtra
Chairman Khadi & Village Industries
Humble Suggestion to make the use of Khadi clothes mandatory to Govt. Servants, teachers and students.
14th September 2015President of India
Prime Minister of India
Finance Minister of India
President, NETI Aayoug,
Governor Reserve Bank of India
Union Home Minister
Humble suggestion on the solution to curb black money and fake currency notes (financial terrorism) abruptly generated in India by the enemies of our country.
10th August 2015Minister for Finance
Minister of Law and Justice
Governor of RBI
Reform in procedure of handling Bounce Cheque cases to receiver of bounce cheque for economical development of country.
26th June 2015President of India
Smt. Sumitra Mahajan, Speaker Lok Sabha
Chief Election Commissioner
Revolutionary step to curb unfair election practice; humble suggestion for reform by Social organisation, for fair election process.
17th April 2015Governor of MaharashtraSwachcha Bharat Abhiyan
10th November 2014 Government of India Protesting demand of Shivsena to create unconstitutional post of Dy. Chief Minister, Maharashtra
01st November 2014Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas
Ministry of Heavy Industries
Ministry of Road and Surface Transport
Traffic problem arise on road adjacent to petrol pumps which provide CNG & LPG gas, need to set right the discrepancy in policy of implementing CNG and LPG policy.
01st November 2014President of India
Prime Minister of India
Ministry of Women & Child
Ministry of Health
National Commission for Women
National Human Right Commission
Chief Minister of Maharashtra
Protest against proposal to allow Abortion till 24 weeks may become legal.
01st November 2014Chief Minister of MaharashtraRight to Reply
President of India
Prime Minister of India
Members of Parliament, India
Members of Legislative Assembly
Right to Reply
25th October 2014Prime Minister of India
Ministry of Information & Broadcasting
National Anthem “Jan Gan Man” Rashtra Gaan be made mandatory on all T.V./Radio channels in this country with intention to awake patriotism.
28th July 2014Prime Minister of IndiaFor bringing the vision of Hon. Prime Minister in truth suggestions invited from NGO’s during election campaign 2014
8th February 2014Chief Justice, Supreme Court of India
Chief Justice, Bombay High Court
Need to reform judiciary in India and humble request to invent smooth & simple method while giving justice to common masses for protecting human rights.
26th January 2014President of India
Prime Minister of India
Planning Commission of India
Regarding Citizenship Card for Indian Citizen.
05th January 2014Prime Minister of India
Minister for Petroleum
Request for review the subsidy scheme on LPG gas co-related to Adhar Card.
19th December 2013Chief Minister of Maharashtra
Home Minister of Maharashtra
Guardian Minister for Thane District.
Police Commissioner of Navi Mumbai
The Commissioner, Navi Mumbai
Regarding large scale accidents took place on the Palm Beach Road in Navi Mumbai
14th September 2013Railway Minister14th September 2013
14th September 2013Railway MinisterSecurity measures to protect women passengers and to provide special facility for lady passengers at ticket counter in Mumbai/Maharashtra.
28th August 2013Home Minister Maharashtra StateRequest for providing special Mahila Cell in each and every District Police HQ in order to give priority to women visitors to minimize their grievances.
15th August 2013President of IndiaAn innovatiable method to search the missing child.
30th April 2013President of IndiaMercy petition to the innocent residents of Campa Cola compound, Worli, Mumbai (Maharashtra) submitted on humanitarian ground.
08th May 2010Shri Ashok S. Chavan
Chief Minister of Maharashtra
Request for making Navi Mumbai a new district of Maharashtra.
6th March 2007Railway Minister
Railway Bhavan, N. Delhi
Information regarding the discrimination among the Railway Victims under the Terrorist Activities.